Saturday, June 26, 2010

Solstice Walk

Memorial drive Pano

I decided to celebrate the Summer Solstice by taking a walk around the Charles starting at the Longfellow Bridge – walking towards Cambridge and Memorial  Drive – then across the  Mass Ave Bridge to the Kenmore Square T station. It was a totally perfect evening. I started the walk at 7:15 hoping to watch the sunset and changing light.

_DSC9454_DSC9452_DSC9472   _DSC9457 _DSC9484_DSC9463 _DSC9462

As I came off the Bridge the light was starting to change.

_DSC9478_DSC9486_DSC9491_DSC9513    _DSC9508 _DSC9511  _DSC9512

I kept stopping every few minutes to take photos – I couldn’t help myself – it was just so beautiful.

 _DSC9517 _DSC9521 _DSC9532 _DSC9537 _DSC9539 _DSC9542 _DSC9559

   _DSC9568 I approached the Mass Ave Bridge as the sun  actually set.

_DSC9569  _DSC9571 _DSC9576 _DSC9590_DSC9595_DSC9607  _DSC9604

It was getting dark as I came off the Bridge – took a few shots of some of my favorite buildings.

 _DSC9612 _DSC9619

and then took the T home.


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